How much money do I need to retire?

This is a very important question, but the answer is different for everyone. Call us today. We can schedule an appointment, and get started on finding the answer.

My second cousin’s neighbor’s brother just tripled his money in this great investing idea. I’m going to invest with him. What do you think?

Sensational stories never talk about the risks involved, but risk is always involved. Sure, some guy might have made a 100% return on his investment but what about the rest of the story? How long did it take? How consistent is the investment? What was his return on his previous 10 investments? These are just some of the questions I would want to know before getting excited about yet another “sure thing.”

I mow my yard; I paint my house; I fix my car; I can invest my own money. Why do I need you?

Congratulations. It sounds like you are saving money by spending time on your other projects. We can appreciate that. But what if you make a mistake? If you cut your grass too short, it will grow back. If you drop paint on your carpet, you can clean it up. If you buy the wrong parts for your car, you can find the right parts. But if you make a mistake investing, your portfolio may never recover. It could change your future plan permanently. We emphasize managing risk as much as managing return. We have the tools to plan for your financial future and help you avoid the big mistakes.

I can get free investing advice online. Why should I pay you?

Most of the free advice online is probably written by someone selling something (gold, silver, trading systems). There are inherent conflicts of interest. Very little, if any, of the free advice is written by professional advisors. Why? As a Financial Advisor, I am bound to the “know your customer” rule. If I suggest an investment in a blog, I am liable if anyone reads the blog and invests in that idea, because I cannot “know” the financial situation of every person who reads my blog. This rule virtually prohibits any free, online, easily accessible, personal advice from a competent Financial Advisor.

Investing is hobby of mine. I enjoy it. Why should I use your services?

Good for you. We enjoy it too. You can still work with us and invest on your own. The big question for you is, how much time do you spend on your hobby? We live and breathe investing. While you see maybe 20 investing ideas each month, We see probably 20 investing ideas every day. We are constantly sorting through these ideas to bring the best solutions to our clients.

How are you paid for your services?

Most of our revenue comes in the form of fee-based revenue (charging a percentage based on the amount of assets we manage). In some cases we charge commissions or flat fees.

How much do you charge?

No two clients are the same, no two clients require the same work, and no two clients are charged the same fees. That being said, our fees and services are competitive and somewhat negotiable. Our goal is to find the right balance of service and value for all of our clients.